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Creating a ‘Safe’ Culture to Empower Communication

In my last article   http://www.xl-erate.com/blog/psychological-safety-key-to-unlocking-your-business-voice/ I looked at the power of psychological safety and the importance not only of creating an environment where it is safe enough to speak but one where we can be free to listen. The impact of… Read

The Space To Think

In today’s business environment, the pressure to succeed on multiple levels is greater than ever before. Many of us are faced with increasing competing demands, and while technology allows us to work in a way that suits our lifestyles, we… Read

Coaching – a defined path to growth

The term coach is broad and covers a range of factors, the essence of which is personal development and the multi-faceted power of discussion. Effective coaching is dependent on good rapport and a mutual understanding. As a coach, I will… Read